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Securing Enterprise Networks comes with its own unique challenges. Roaming users on laptops, Internet Based applications, the need to provide Wireless access, partners and customers who need access, E-mail... each of these introduces new dangers to the security of your network, your systems and its data. Adding to the dangers is increased access to the Internet and BYOD - bring your own device.

Enterprise Networks require more powerful tools and strategies as all security issues and threats are magnified. One compromised system can cause network wide disarray. Even if you opt not to use cloud based solutions, we can still protect your online security.

Omniquad Surfwall Enterprise Web Security Software

Surfwall Enterprise is a web filtering software solution that you yourself manage in-house. Manage corporate Internet access with industry leading database of web sites in over 70 categories.

Protect your organization from all sorts of web threats

Internet misuse has become an increasing problem in the workplace — it is clear that unlimited and uncontrolled Internet access provides an opportunity for distraction. Yet, despite the potential for abuse, employees still need Internet access in most work places.

The risks and losses involved with the misuse of Internet access by employees are substantial to any company. They could be legally liable for explicit material being downloaded onto corporate machines using corporate resources in company time.

The loss of productivity from staff surfing web sites not related to business during office hours equates to a huge cost to the company. Also, legitimate services can be adversely affected by unproductive employees accessing high bandwidth sites, such as streaming media, MP3, or file sharing sites. Surfwall will help you eliminate web threats.

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Cloud Services gaining
in popularity

Many companies find that managed, or hosted services suit their needs better than installing business security software. With a hosted IT security solution updates and upgrades happens almost instantaneously across the client network.

There is no need to manually upgrade software across the network or on stand-alone workstations yourself. By opting for a hosted service, businesses find that they free up valuable time for their IT department.

With a cloud hosted service, it is easier to roll out your online security infrastructure across devices such as tablets, or smart phones, and protect these under the same security solution and platform.

But the most important factor is speed and accuracy. With a cloud hosted web security solution, new websites are added to the database on a regular basis and you will be protected as soon as this happens. New and emerging malware will be blocked and your users and your networks protected straight away. You and your IT department don’t even have to think about this, because our security consultants do, every day.

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