Omniquad Christmas Update
holiday period support hours and new features

News from Omniquad | Dec 24, 2019

Here is our update for the Christmas holiday period:

  • We have extended the mail quarantine to cover until 10th Jan 2020 so that your users can still review everything even if you take an extended break. If you have enabled spam digests, their frequency will remain unchanged. Not using Spam Digests yet? They make it easy for your users to preview and release messages from quarantine themselves, reducing your IT administration overheads.
  • There will be fewer staff due to traditionally quieter period, but our support team will be available 24/7 and our researchers will be on the lookout for the latest email and web threats as usual
  • New features that will be appearing on the service soon:

E-mail link security
While the Mailwall scanning engine already analyses all URL’s while filtering, this additional level of protection will extend the final check to the end user’s desktop. So, whether the message has been scanned and allowed, or released by the end user from quarantine, any email link will be re-checked in real time if the user clicks on it. If the site is detected as malicious at this later stage, user access will be denied through a built-in proxy mechanism.

SandboxMailwallremote will have Sandbox feature in place and users can review suspicious mail attachments much before they are released from their quarantine

Ransomware attacks
Ransomware attacks during third quarter of 2019 has increased by 37%, as compared to second quarter, as cyber criminals are targeting IT services/vendors and their clients. As an Omniquad user you are fully protected from these kinds of various attacks, as most of such threat attempts are forbidden at Omniquad gateways, much before reaching your gateways and keeping your gateways harmless, with only clean mails

From everyone at Omniquad, we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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