Phishing awareness highlights:
TV Licence scam

News from Omniquad | Apr 15, 2019

This is an interesting example of a scammer asking you to pay your TV Licence. With an attention-grabbing subject “Notification from your bank: We declined the latest Direct Debit payment”, it sounds legitimate.

Supposedly, even the TV Licensing number, Expiry Date and overdue balance is provided. One crucial thing is missing: your name. Companies and organizations that you deal with, or you are a customer of, know who you are! You may have noticed that they mention your name as part of the salutations. They don’t usually provide links for you to click either.

When reviewing suspect emails – do not click on any links as they may try to deliver malicious payload – for example by exploiting a browser vulnerability. In this example, the URL format prepends TV Licensing domain name to the spammer owned domain in a long URL - easy to miss for a casual user, for example:

Most businesses avoid asking their customers to click links in emails, they will instead ask you to go to their website and log in, like you normally do. This is what the scam email looks like:

This is what the scam email looks like

This example is provided for informational / educational purposes only. Omniquad Mailwall blocks this scam already.