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News from Omniquad | Apr 10, 2019

Dear Omniquad Customer,

Omniquad Antispam

Most recent type of spam/virus/fraudulent/scam/phishing attempts being blocked by our antispam engines are:

  • Fraudulent - Sender / domain pretending to be CEO of a given recipient domain
  • Image spam - Spam text embedded into an image file
  • Ransomwares - like WannaCry/Petya
  • Sexortation Scam - emails are a hoax extortion scam, where the cyber threat actor threatens to release compromising material of an email recipient, to their personal contacts, unless an extortion payment is made.
  • Macro virus detection
  • Spear Phishing
  • Spoof Sender

Omniquad Antispam Email Statistics

Omniquad Phishwise Solution:

We have launched Phishwise - our Phishing Vulnerability Assessment solution. This new feature allows end users who enrolled on the phishing awareness training/assessments

Why Phishwise awareness training?
Most of the data breaches are related to staff receiving fraudulent emails and end users may not be aware of the consequences, risks involved on clicking those links from a spoofed / un-known sender, through the emails

Post Phishwise training, end users are well educated with recognizing dangerous / fraudulent attempts and also, Phishwise awareness training end users felt that it enhanced their ability to recognize and action consequently to latent threats

Please contact us if you would like more information and assistance with securing your IT infrastructure. to start your free trial.