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Hosted Email Security with virus protection, anti-spam and email filter

Enlist a complete Email Security solution in your defence
against virus, spam, email fraud, malware, phishing attacks,
email scams, Trojans, and more...

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“Management was a time consuming task with scanning for Viruses and SPAM clogging up our Network. Using Mailwall Remote™ we have been successful in stopping 100% of Viruses and over 99% of SPAM coming into the Network, as a result my time is no longer spent continually fire-fighting Mail issues.”

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Omniquad Mailwall Remote

Hosted Email Security –
The Future is Now

Dealing with email security can take up your valuable time and resources, so free up that time with Mailwall Remote. Mailwall Remote is Omniquad’s hosted Email Security system that guarantees total protection against viruses, total protection against spam and total protection against phishing and malware whilst giving you full control of your email policies no matter where you are – now that's what we call a complete business solution!

Mailwall Remote Email Security –
Shelter Under Our Cloud Protection

Mailwall Remote guarantees users full protection from all kinds of email threats - even those that haven't been fully identified yet!

  • 4 high performing anti-virus engines work in harmony to offer complete protection,
  • Pre-emptive action helps prevent new and emerging email borne threats,
  • State of the art spam filtering technology,
  • One of the web's largest anti-fraud databases keeps you safe from email fraud,
  • Image Trap screens all images and movie attachments to block undesirable content, offering a comprehensive content filtering solution,
  • Mailwall Remote guarantees service availability from highly sophisticated, secure data centres with fire suppression systems, full power back-up and recovery of email and access control.

Omniquad Mailwall Remote - Hosted Email Security system guarantees users full protection from all kinds of threats

Hosted Email Management –
Efficient and Secure Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Get full access to your portal dashboard anywhere in the world! Mailwall Remote gives you total control over administrators, users and plug-ins from any location, anywhere and at any time. All of this helps you to keep tabs on email activity no matter where you are.

  • Review spam and virus reports from any period of time,
  • Keep tabs on employee emails with on-demand scheduled reports,
  • Configure email policies and permissions for users and administrators,
  • Our portal tracking facility allows you to search messages by date, sender, recipient or subject,
  • Manage multiple domains effectively,
  • Full access to archives, email continuity and email recovery services,
  • Data loss prevention solutions,
  • Control attachment and file sizes.

With Mailwall,
You Make the Rules

Mailwall's powerful policy editor puts you in the driving seat when it comes to your email security. You get to decide which inbound and outbound messages to check, what to check for (content, virus, spam, malware) and what action to take. You can make rules for certain groups, change policies or even exclude users from rules.

Mailwall is completely user-friendly, offering a modern look that is simple and effective to manage, however should you need a little more support, we're on hand 24/7, 365 days of the year with phone and online chat help.

Mailwall Remote is your complete hosted email security solution for total peace of mind, with security and cyber threat experts at your fingertips.

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Cloud Hosted Email Security - White Paper

Why the most agile and cost efficient business solution defending against email threats is Cloud Based?

Valuable time is wasted every time employees check their e-mail, scan through, and delete useless inquiries. Further problems are created when viruses are cloaked in sophisticated e-mails which, the average employee may not be able to decipher as spam.

In this era of technology, most businesses conduct a large part of their communication online. What most employers may not realize is that checking e-mails can actually lower an employee’s productivity; especially when you consider that six- yes, six out of every ten e-mails, are spam. That is why; e-mail filtering is an absolute necessity.

Why YOUR business needs to have an e-mail filtering solution

When your employees come to the office and, turn on their computers, they are setting the trend for the day. How their morning begins is usually a representation of their productivity through the rest of the day.

When your employee has to sort through hundreds of spam e-mails every morning, with only a few that are relevant, work becomes tedious. This can be disadvantageous in several ways.

  1. Lower Security

    Spam is not always junk mail that is announcing irrelevant information. Many times, it is accompanied by malware, spyware, viruses and, more. Sifting through tens of useless e-mails can lower your employee’s attention and, just one click can send your internal network into chaos.

  2. Overburdening Bandwidth

    With the state of the economy every business is trying to cut its budget. Spam tends to slow a server, so without an e-mail filter you may have to increase your budget for more bandwidth. Yet, even if you increase the bandwidth, you are actually allowing more spam to come in.

  3. Low Productivity

    Losing productivity is the most essential component of not having an appropriate e-mail filter in place. If one employee gets 200 mails a day and, it takes 10 seconds to scan through the mail and, identify spam, your employee is wasting no less than 30 minutes every day. The next step is answering the relevant e-mails which may take an hour or more. So out of every 1-2 hours your employee spends checking e-mail you are losing a minimum of 30 minutes of actual work time. Add in the employee’s frustration and, the number could rise even more.

The solution for YOUR business is cloud based e-mail filtering

A cloud based e-mail filtering solution will allow your business to be more productive. It eliminates your employee’s inboxes of junk mail and, spam making every message work related

Advantages of the cloud based filtering system:

  • A cloud based-e-mail filtering solution is a centralized solution that has a web based console for management and, is easy to configure.
  • You can add as many users and, domains as your business needs.
  • Administrators can add safe lists and, black lists
  • Mails can be quarantined to be accessed at a later time.
  • It will have an inbuilt malware solution so there is no threat to your businesses security.
  • The solution automatically updates for the latest solution saving your business time in having to download updates regularly.
  • A cloud solution is centralized, so updates to not have to be managed on individual employee computers.
  • No hardware is needed as the anti-spam solution is outsourced, saving your business overheads in maintenance.
  • Cloud e-mail filtering involves gateway filtering so any e-mail first goes through the enterprises server before reaching the end server, saving your business bandwidth and, unnecessary security threats.

The Bottom Line

Desktop/mail servers are no longer as effective as they used to be. The biggest disadvantage is they have to be installed on individual computers and, require regular updating. They also need to have specific hardware that needs maintenance. So the bottom line is your business would need extra manpower, time and, budget for a server based e-mail filtering solution.

Businesses have to use the latest technology in order to compete in any industry. Cloud based e-mail filtering solutions are the latest in anti-spam. They allow a business to outsource their e-mail filtering, reducing their overheads.

Cloud based-e-mail filtering is the ideal solution for small to mid-sized companies that need to ensure their business communication runs smoothly and, securely.

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