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Omniquad Mailwall Enterprise

Because you need a comprehensive solution to eliminate email borne threats such as virus, spam, and malware, you need Mailwall. You want to stop email fraud, phishing attacks, spam and email marketing from taking your employees time and resources and possibly harming your networks.

Securing Enterprise Networks comes with its own unique challenges. Roaming users on laptops, Internet Based applications, the need to provide Wireless access, partners and customers who need access, E-mail... each of these introduces new dangers to the security of your network, your systems and its data. Adding to the dangers is increased access to the Internet.

Enterprise Networks require more powerful tools and strategies as all security issues and threats are magnified. One compromised system can cause network wide disarray. Even if you opt not to use cloud based solutions, we can still protect your online security.

Omniquad Mailwall Enterprise Email Filtering Software

Omniquad Mailwall is an e-mail filtering and content security management tool. It is designed to identify, analyse and eliminate all types of e-mail threats hazardous to your network environment, delivering clean secure e-mail — in a cost effective timely manner — when and where needed.

Protect your organization from all sorts of e-mail threats

Are you inundated with Spam in your e-mail? Troubled by mails that may contain viruses and malicious scripts? Are pornographic and offensive content causing concern? Then you need Omniquad Mailwall Email Security.

Protect your organization from all sorts of e-mail threats

Omniquad Mailwall is a powerful email filtering solution designed to identify, analyse and eliminate all types of e-mail threats.

Mailwall acts as a relay between your local mail server and the Internet and as such, Mailwall will intercept all outgoing mail from your local users. All outgoing mails are verified and forwarded to your ISP's SMTP server. Similarly, all incoming mail are first delivered to the Mailwall system by SMTP or POP3 and then routed to your local mail server after being verified.

Additionally, you can deploy separate Mailwall systems to specifically handle incoming or outgoing mail. All two-way communications that fail to satisfy policy requirements can be stopped, delayed, quarantined or rejected.

Mailwall Enterprise is compatible with most POP3 e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Netscape Mail.

Omniquad Mailwall Enterprise - email security software guarantees users full protection from all kinds of threats

Cloud Services gaining
in popularity

Why do I need a cloud hosted email filtering service?

Many companies find that managed, or hosted services suit their needs better than installing business security software. Mailwall Remote Hosted Email Security is a no-maintenance solution that provides continuously updated protection to stop spam and viruses before they reach your network. By opting for a hosted service, businesses free up valuable time for their IT department.

Stops spam

Helps you maintain productivity and reduces bandwidth requirements, stops spam and virus, and blocks malware before reaching your network.

Saves time and resources

Helps free your time to focus on your core business. No maintenance required since Omniquad’s Security Team implement all updates, virus updates, patches and fixes. 24x7 Maintenance and support. Spam quarantine managed by your end users – not your IT staff.

Read more about how Mailwall Remote hosted email security services can benefit your business.

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