Email Contingency & Recovery Service

Cloud based email backup and data recovery
system with encrypted security. An Email
Continuity plug-in to Mailwall Remote.

Omniquad Email Contingency & Recovery Service

Business is fast paced. Emails are flowing 24/7. Your business cannot afford to lose emails and valuable hours because of server downtime.

Omniquad ECRS securely backs up all your email on a safe, encrypted server. It is fully integrated into your Mailwall Remote service. While Mailwall Remote protects you from malware, spyware, spam and viruses, it also continuously keeps a record of all your email ensuring e-mail continuity for your organization.

If your own mail server should fail, your users simply log on to the cloud based web interface to ECRS to retrieve their email and continue working as normal. ECRS provides instant availability of all legitimate e-mail that was already delivered to your mail server in the hours prior to the server downtime, as well as during server downtime. You will have everything from the past 30 days at your fingertips, including all email sent and received during the downtime.

ECRS can be compared to running a mirror offsite mail server with web account access, replicating your incoming and outgoing mail in real time.

Key Benefits

  • Always on - users simply log on to their individual accounts to get access to mail
  • Instant access to previously sent mail
  • Instant access to messages while your mail server is down
  • Cloud based- requires no software or dedicated hardware
  • No setup required
  • Low maintenance
  • No impact on message delivery speed
  • No bandwidth overhead

Complete Business Continuity when you add Email Contingency and Recovery services to your Mailwall Remote Web filtering solution.

Back up your emails with our ECRS plug-in. Ensure that business goes on as normal, even if the server is down.

your E-mails are never lost
but always accessible

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