Data Loss Prevention
High definition confidential data leakage prevention

Omniquad's cutting edge filtering technology scans emails
and documents for confidential information, catching key
data before it is sent. The core of any Business Security Plan.

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Omniquad Data Loss Prevention

Omniquad help ensure that businesses cover every angle of Data Loss Prevention!

Omniquad Data Loss Prevention plug ins for Mailwall Remote email filtering, and Surfwall Remote web filtering is a comprehensive solution that discovers, monitors, and protects confidential data, to keep businesses secure.

Data Loss Prevention has become a key focus of organisations today, and rightly so as it is more important than ever before to ensure that sensitive data is not leaked out of your organisation.

People are bringing their own devices, employees have webmail, use Twitter and Facebook, and whereas before employees were content to have a laptop and a mobile phone, they now want to make use of technology offered by smart phones and tablets.

Having policies in place is one thing, blanket bans quite another, but standard email is still one of the biggest sources of data leakage.

Our cutting edge filtering technology scans your email and documents for confidential information, catching key data before it is sent.

Data Loss Prevention is crucial for businesses in order to:

  1. Maintain compliance with the UK Data Protection Act
  2. Keep employee, customer and other information safe.
  3. Prevent financial loss as a result of data loss, fines, legal fees and rectification costs after a breach, etc. Prevent financial loss as a result of data loss, fines, legal fees and rectification costs after a breach, etc.

Recently a UK county council was fined £120,000 by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for a breach of the Data Protection Act. Sensitive information had been emailed to the wrong recipients. In one instance, a file containing information on patient's physical and mental health had been emailed to the wrong group. The following month confidential data was mistakenly sent to recipients who had registered to receive the council newsletter.

One incident involved a UK council's children services. Confidential information was sent to the wrong recipients within the council. (The Guardian June 9th 2011)

The above examples show how your company can easily breach both customers and employees privacy literally by the click of a button. A mistake anyone can do, but which can easily be prevented by applying the right security measures.

A recent report by Deica, published jointly with the UK Cabinet Office, estimates the cost of cyber crime to UK businesses to be around £27 billion each year. A staggering £1bililon per annum relates to the loss or theft of customer data. A loss of £7.6 is estimated per annum from industrial espionage, involving theft or exploitation of non-IP-related data. (The Cost of Cyber Crime) The biggest cost to a company may not be financial, but harms reputation.

Our high definition data loss prevention ensures that lists of data transmitted, either through the Internet or email, are monitored and managed. It prevent records from falling into the wrong hands, sent to the wrong recipient by mistake, passed on for profit or through malice by a disgruntled employee.

It can be applied in both email and web traffic filtering – from smart detection of content in emails to inspection of files uploaded to file sharing services or as webmail attachments.

Example: Nearly every email message includes someone's name, but if a message contained a document with 5,000 names, you want controls in place for both sender and destination.

Detects when data is valuable from a loss prevention perspective – name or address lists for example.

Controlled data elements include combinations of:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Credit card numbers
  • Social Security numbers
  • Custom customer-supplied data

With Omniquad High Definition Data Loss Prevention you can reduce the risk of confidential data ending up in the wrong hands.

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Data Loss Prevention

The Risk of Data Loss

How would you know if a list of 5000 customers or employees, or their private information were uploaded or e-mailed somewhere? Don't risk it when you can prevent it.