Network Penetration Testing

Would you want to know if your networks could be hacked?
Is your Firewall doing its job? Keep your networks secure
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Omniquad BorderSecure Network Penetration Test

Incorporating Penetration Testing of your systems and IT infrastructure is the only way of ensuring that your networks are secure against hacking and cyber-attacks, many of which today are automated. Routine Penetration Testing, as well as ad hoc security scans of your networks when major changes have been made, or if you have made changes to your Firewall, is crucial to stay secure.

Why should you perform a Network Penetration Test?

Attacks on networks and applications are growing in number at a staggering rate, and the penalties incurred by businesses and organisations for failing to secure themselves against attacks are becoming ever steeper, as the Data Commissioners office take a dim view on security breaches.

Effective Penetration Testing is the only way of ensuring that your networks and applications are secure.

Key reasons to incorporate routine Penetration Testing of your networks include:

  • Identify network vulnerabilities; assess their impact and the likelihood of an exploit,
  • Assess your Firewall’s settings and efficiency,
  • Recommend counteractive measures and implement remedial changes to network infrastructure,
  • Ensure compliance to critical standards which include PCI DSS and ISO27001,
  • Protect critical and confidential data in line with the Data Protection Act and further privacy requirements,
  • Prevent financial loss through fraud, data loss, theft or cyber-crime,
  • Protect your business by avoiding loss of customer confidence and reputation.

Penetration testing is a crucial element in any ISO27001 ISMS – from the initial development through to on-going maintenance and improvement. In order for your business to compete and win public sector contracts, you need to show that you comply with these standards, and that you have a security plan in place. Penetration testing is essential in a sound security plan. It is worth noting that Penetration Testing is a requirement of UK central government (e.g. DWP).

Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure has identified “20 critical controls for effective cyber defence” and mentions Network Penetration Testing as part of an internet security strategy:

“Continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation”

“Proactively identify and repair software vulnerabilities reported by security researchers or vendors. Regularly run automated vulnerability scanning tools against all systems and quickly remediate any vulnerabilities - with critical problems fixed within 48 hours.”

To provide your business with a complete solution, please see 
Omniquad's security portfolio for further details.

We recommend continuous Network Penetration testing, along with E-mail filtering and Web filtering with Data Loss Prevention strategies as part of a good security plan.

With BorderSecure Penetration Testing you can either subscribe to monthly security audits, single stand-alone tests (ad hoc scans), or a combination of both. Call us to discuss your needs! We offer a free trial, consisting of an ad hoc test with a complete security report.

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